«beauty is a gorgeous runaway horse»


<josé> Filipe da Silva is a multidisciplinary photographer based in Aveiro, Portugal.

  With more than 15+ years dedicated to the art, has developed good photographic technical skills, a sense for effective social interactions and visual culture for aesthetics.

Self-taught on everything digital, while growing in a creative family where photography was always present; together a with predestined hunger for cinema, art and literature. 

Technically knows how to capture and design photo works with light – in all kinds of environments. Software-wise, is highly experienced in the manipulation of still images, video editing, digital presentations, website implementation and optimisation. A multi-versed tool for any contemporary company or institution, with strong media output. 

  Currently working for the company Mormor as the studio’s main photographer; responsible for capturing imagery – all the creative vision. Does humanised photography, product, still life, lifestyle and integrates it to complex 3D environments, ads, websites and catalogues; as well as managing the studio’s workflow.   

Some of his achievements comprise being published in various magazines and newspapers, photoshoots with celebrities and having his creative work used by leading International brands.

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